Giada Labreque – Corporate Wellness Specialist

Business Name: Office Kneads

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Telephone Number: +353830648353

City:  Galway

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Favorite Quote: I’d be lying if I said I knew

Products And Services Offered: On-site chair massage, consulting, webinars, public speaking, books, journals, online course

What is the unique selling point of your business? Practical DIY corporate wellness

Who is my ideal customer? Human resources, Sports and social, corporates

Customer Testimonials


Anna – Siteminder “We had our Wellness Day in the office and Giada provided our team with on Chair Massages throughout the day. She was fantastic, very professional, and tailored the massage to each person. We have not been more relaxed in ages. Highly recommend any business looking for in-office massages reach out to Giada. Fantastic service and very happy team thank you, Giada”

Alice – Titan HQ “Highly recommends Giada she is so helpful and treats each employee’s individual concerns. Everyone in our office is raving about her and asking when is she coming again…Money well spent!”

John – Your Holistic Academy “The training was fantastic, the content invaluable and the delivery of the course was brilliant. Giada is an expert in self-care, a person of the highest integrity, fully committed to her clients and giving generously of her time and talent.”

Alexandria – IT Analyst “Giada is a wealth of knowledge. She is professional, knowledgeable, and personable – a great combination with a variety of unique skills and her technique is hard to find.”


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